As the Year Winds Down

I’d planned on writing earlier with pictures of my post-New Zealand 2011, but I just found my camera USB cord and wanted to post something in December, which for the Pacific Standard Time zone will only last another 20 minutes. So here are my rushed thoughts.

It’s truly been a fantastic year, undoubtedly the most memorable of my life. I’ve traveled before, but never for nine straight months, and never in a place where I knew no one going in. But what a year it’s been.

I’ve also gained a new family member, my brother’s fiancee. It won’t be official until August of next year but it’s official enough for me.

Once again this year I’ve packed my belongings for another trip, as I’ll be off bright and early tomorrow morning to Spokane. Praying for good weather over the pass.

And now, 14 minutes to 2012, I’m surrounded by my parents, my brother and my dog. We’ve been laughing at our dog, who Robert drug around on the dog’s cedar bed, and later laughing at Mom, who screamed louder than I’d ever heard any scream when Robert popped open the champagne we got Mom and Dad for their anniversary.

All in all, I’d say a fantastic end to a terrific year.


About Andrea Nicole

NZ enthusiast in the PNW. Internationally published writer, educator, grammar nerd, genealogist, and all-around storyteller. Recovering homebody. @Whitworth and @WGU alumna. #edchat
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