That’s the direction the water goes down the drains here. I know some of you were wondering.

And, in a shocking breach of protocol perhaps inspired by the title, I’ve decided to list my Kiwisms at the beginning of this post. I know; the world may never recover.

  • Flat on/flat tack = full on, at top speed
  • Footrot Flats = a very Kiwi comic strip Bernie introduced me to whose name I recently remembered with Suzie’s help
  • Randy = horny
  • Shout = to pay for someone’s meal (though it also means to yell)
  • Jabs = shots
  • Hottie = hot water bottle. My friend Rose says her mum sometimes asks her if she’s “going to bed with a hottie” … yeah 🙂
  • Flat battery = dead battery
  • Leavers = high school seniors
  • Hiya = hi, hey
  • Manoeuvre = maneuver

In other news, I’ve got my flights home confirmed now! I won’t share all the details on the big bad interwebs but suffice it say I’ll leave New Zealand (and get home) on November 12 – a mere 31 days away! I’m extremely excited, but also urging myself to stay present, to enjoy these last few weeks here. Who knows when I’ll be back again? But I will be back someday – if the Lord be willing and the creek don’t rise, as my grandpa used to say!

Last Friday, Magge, Marian, Suzie and I had a fun end-of-the-year dinner with the Alpine Club at Halikarnas, a Turkish restaurant in town I’ve been keen to try. I’m not sure I’ve ever had Turkish food before, but it was SO yum! I had chicken mukassa (the spelling of which even Google seems to be unsure of…), which sounded a lot like Mufasa to us – which reminds me, I hope to see The Lion King in 3D soon! Has anyone seen it? We also had quite a selection of some fantastic New Zealand wines to choose from. Before dinner a Massey researcher gave us a presentation on some of the work he’s done with emperor penguins in Antarctica, which was both fascinating and “awww!”-inducing. After dinner I went to my friend Nicole’s to introduce her to Drop Dead Gorgeous, seeing as she’s going to Minnesota soon.

Sadly the Tongariro Crossing tramp I’d planned on doing with the Alpine Club has been indefinitely postponed due to lingering ice and snow on the path. I was bummed at first but I’ve heard it’s disappointing if the weather’s no good. Besides, this’ll give me incentive – like I need any – to return to New Zealand in summertime! And it’s just as well, because next week is the last week in the semester (!) so I should be studying this weekend. And I’m also not too gutted because next weekend I’m heading to Wellington with Bernie. We’re going to check out a Mexican restaurant there, Pan de Muerto (“Bread of the Dead”). Many of you know how badly I’ve been lamenting the lack of quality Mexican food here; just reading the menu made me salivate. We’re also going to finally go to the much raved about – and free! –Te Papa museum. Should be a fantastic final New Zealand hurrah!

And I’d like to finish off by wishing a cyberspace happy birthday to my lovely grandma, who would have been 90 this Columbus Day. We used to sing this in the car together:


About Andrea Nicole

NZ enthusiast in the PNW. Internationally published writer, educator, grammar nerd, genealogist, and all-around storyteller. Recovering homebody. @Whitworth and @WGU alumna. #edchat
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3 Responses to Clockwise

  1. Sherry says:

    Very nice tribute to your Grandmother! What a wonderful memory singing with Grandma Idso. I could almost hear the two of you singing. Good movie by the way. Enjoy your last days in NZ to the ! Can’t wait to see you next month.

  2. Sherry says:

    I meant to say enjoy your last days in NZ to the fullest!

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